By way of a quick thanks to Tim Miller

We have made our way back up from Tim Miller’s Ashtanga Yoga Center — for our SoCal readers, we did hit the horror that is the Oh Slow Parkway — and it was a terrific time. We saw an unusual number of friends from Tim’s, and from his Mt. Shasta trips, and got a little chance after to talk with them. We ran into the wonderful Michelle Haymoz, the woman behind the great photos from the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence opening puja.

And there was Tim, of course.

We’re still talking through the experience and will offer some thoughts later on Monday. As always, there was something new, some great reminder, some pure shakti. We’re a bit laid bare, we’ll admit.

So for now, we trolled deep into the Internet to find the following video. Thirty-five seconds in is of particular note, for how we are feeling now.

Love the Guruji T-shirt, too. Enjoy.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

2 thoughts on “By way of a quick thanks to Tim Miller”

  1. This video is brilliant on so many levels. Thank you for brining it to the forefront. I hope this inspires others who may be sitting on little gems like this to bring them into the light.

    Thanks again.


  2. We have a great VHS tape of Tim and Anna Forrest doing a yoga demo from the early 90’s maybe. Complete with some blue speedo type shorts and mullet for Tim and it is done to some new age-y music. It is pretty awesome. We need to get it loaded online!

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