‘Marichyasana D — D is for diet’

It’s taken a good 12 hours, but we are recovered from our trip down to Tim Miller’s.

Reflections, straight away:

Bobbie: I ran out before we got started to give an extra hug to the amazing Michelle Haymoz, and ran into two other friends visiting from out of town. The guru attracts, I thought.

Via Tim's site

Steve: I knew we were in trouble when Tim’s first adjustment — down dog in Surya A — was on Bobbie. And then the second was on me. We hadn’t said “Hi” or announced ourselves. But Tim, of course, saw.

Bobbie: There was spill over from Sharat, so the room was packed. But it still felt like coming home.

Steve: Tim has this ability (power?) to get you moving, fast. To get you warmed up, fast. It also helps when the room’s been heated by a Led Second class first. I think I was drenched by Down Dog Two.

Bobbie: Tim’s adho mukha svanasana adjustment. It’s been a long time since I got this one. The fine tuning is endless, isn’t it? Isn’t that amazing?

Steve: I get it all the time. But this one was different. A focus on my shoulders — spreading them, moving them down my back. Does that mean my other problem areas are getting to be less problems? And therefore new bits and pieces are in play?

Bobbie: I learned the difference between an adjustment and a “correction” (yet again). In pavritta triknonasana, Tim did one of his “drive by” adjustments, those constant things he’s doing while he walks around the room. He reached out, squared my hips, and dropped his fist down on my sacrum, a kind of “leave it there” reminder, and a “bad lady” at the same time–those bad habits we form in the mysore-style practice, a little reminder why led classes are a good idea.

Steve: Tim’s of the school that you should have your head on something — anything — in the prasaritas. I’m down to one block. But he was twisting my hips forward, trying to rotate me where I ought to be. That’s painful, just FYI. And I think he knew I was near the edge; when I came up from C, I think we shared a knowing glance. (Hard to be sure in those moments.)

Bobbie: I was so instantly focused, so there, that it took me until the seated poses to realize I was across from Shasta buddies Rob, Holly and Oscar.

Steve: In Janu B, I was doing my slight modification on the right side, not quite up on my heel to give my knee a break. “Ah, right knee is broken?” Tim asked in his Guruji voice. He then reminded me of the importance of prostate health, so everyone could hear. I was on my heel on the left.

Bobbie: I realized that a lot of the energy in the room is the way Tim arranges us. We face each other, and he walks down the middle. Nancy also does it this way–she said, “It’s good you can see each other.” It’s of course, the way they learned to set up the room from Guruji.

Steve: He doesn’t set up rooms like that in Shasta or on retreats, as far as I know. I wonder why the difference.

Bobbie: Always, I love the laughter in the room, the loud sound of the breath, the combination of breath and laughter. (Note: The headline is a Tim quote from Sunday.)

Steve: Another Timism: “Legs are bending. Arms are bending. Back, not bending.” Driving the 100 miles to get there does not exactly loosen my shoulders up for that pose.

Bobbie: I’ve been having doubts about going to Tim’s second series teacher training this summer. The knee is so slow to recover. I’ve been stopped for over four years at suputa vajrasana. After class, I asked Tim about it, and got me some Tim Miller-style encouragement: “You need a kick in the. . .” he said, giving me a little boot in the air, “I think you should go for it.” So, that’s settled then.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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