One elbow in Encinitas, one in Carlsbad

One of the weirder adjustments, I think, is when you’re in shoulder stand.

I invariably feel like I’m no longer straight — and assume that means I wasn’t even close to straight to begin with.

This adjustment, I’ve also found, is one where Tim Miller will give you a knowing look as he prepares to move you. It may be that it is unusual in that the adjuster is right in your dristi line.

Tim also will critique the location of the elbows — at least the location of my elbows. “One elbow in Encinitas, one in Carlsbad,” is one version. Another: “One elbow in Mt. Shasta, the other in McCloud.”

I take the latter to be worse as Shasta and McCloud are farther apart.

Anyway, here’s David Garrigues — he’s in the running with Kino MacGregor for the most online Ashtangi, I think — walking people through this adjustment. While I’ve expressed some skepticism at just learning from videos or video clips — although I won’t argue that they can be a good baseline — in this case, I find what he has to say helpful. I have a better sense of what’s being accomplished when I get moved in this post.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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