Did yoga ruin your life? Then share — and win

Are you about to go to bed, and it’s 7:30 p.m.?

Did you last eat a hamburger in 2006?

Do you try to split beers with friends when you have to — have to — drink at all?

Well, then, yoga may have ruined your life. But not to worry. You can get something out of this.

Via Richard Freeman’s Yoga Workshop.

The Boulder shala is running a contest to get to the bottom of this problem. Here are the details, from its Facebook page:

You’ve heard Richard say it countless times. Now it’s your turn! LIKE our page and tell us how yoga has ruined your life in the “YOGA RUINED MY LIFE COMPETITION.” Share your favorite story or post a photo on our wall by May 20th and you could win a Yoga Workshop T-shirt, a personalized, autographed copy of The Mirror of Yoga, The Primary Series dvd, and other cool prizes!

1) You must have rights to the photos you share and all stories must be real (and you retain all rights in the sharing).
2) The funnier the better.
3) Title your share with “Yoga Ruined My Life” and include a brief caption.

There is a great picture of Richard, as inspiration, on the Facebook page. (There are also, as of this moment, comments from someone who can’t quite get in the spirit, just as word of warning.)

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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