Sonia Jones: I wanted to take myth away that Ashtanga just for the strong

A little after-the-fact coverage of the Jois Yoga opening Greenwich hit the Stamford Advocate on Friday. It gives a little more from Sonia Tudor Jones, and the following quotes all strike me as new:

On discovering Ashtanga: “”It’s like when you first fall in love and want to go back and see your first love again — it was like that. It wasn’t just like going to the gym and taking a yoga class.”

Sonia Jones, in a pose you know, via the Advocate

On starting yoga when her back was injured: “I said, `Oh, I don’t have time and it’s so annoying to take the time to stop and do yoga,’ and all those misconceptions.”

On her goal with Jois Yoga: “I wanted to take the myth away that Ashtanga is for very fit, strong people. You learn for your ability.”

And on her husband, Paul Tudor Jones: “If my husband can practice yoga, anyone can. He firmly believes Ashtanga yoga has improved his balance, eye and hand coordination and lowered his stress level.”

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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