Really, no sleep ’til Oslo: Eddie Stern & the Beastie Boys

Eddie Stern has posted his last remembrace of his friend Adam Yauch — aka MCA from the Beastie Boys — and it’s good humored and touching. Here’s what Eddie had to say on Wednesday:

Forgetting my passport, & having to come home and miss my flight to Norway has, on the bright side, given me time to post the last Beastie video before I leave (again). There are so many to choose from – I was tempted to go back to the roots and post Cooky Puss – I still remember purchasing the single at 99 Records on MacDougal St when it came out – but it is on the vulgar and un-ahimsic side, and wouldn’t reflect the spiritual and moral maturity that the Beasties all went through. Following Yauch’s lead, Horowitz and Mike D. whole-heartedly supported the Tibetan freedom cause, and I feel that it is fitting to end these few days of videos with the most positive, compassionate and dedicated parts of Adam’s character. Rest in peace, Adam; travel safely, our prayers are with you.

The maturity of the trio was a constant theme of the remembrances during the past week. It strikes me that a similar maturity is what we’re all after via the Ashtanga — the maturity to let go of what isn’t important and do what’s right, what we should, on our given path.

Here’s the final video Eddie posted:

We’re probably done with the MCA posts now. But, his passing obviously is a major moment in Eddie’s life, and since we’re here to follow and honor the different Ashtanga teachers, it seemed right to make sure everyone who might want to see what Eddie had to say had the chance.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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