A little more on new Confluence teacher Dena Kingsberg

As we mentioned in our first post on Dena Kingsberg, who’s taking Richard Freeman’s place at the 2013 Ashtanga Yoga Confluence, there is not a whole lot about her online.

Dena Kingsberg

For instance, there doesn’t seem to be any video of her online. I know, mind-blowing.

So, for those who maybe have heard of her but haven’t heard much, below are a few links to pieces that feature her, reference her, etc. Consider it some Saturday reading. Maybe do it while rubbed down in castor oil?

And, honestly, that’s what I can pull up with a decent Internet search. There are descriptions of workshops but not the rundowns those two links provide.

As much as I was awed by Richard in March, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that having a new — and fairly exotic, in the sense of being so far away in Australia — teacher at the Confluence adds to the excitement. It’s a new ingredient to the yoga stew, even if I would have been all-too happy to get more sustenance from the stew as it was.

I wonder if they would have gone with six teachers if Richard was not unavailable?

And I wonder what other changes are in store. Different entertainment, perhaps? And certainly the program will change a bit.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

5 thoughts on “A little more on new Confluence teacher Dena Kingsberg”

  1. I’m super excited about her presence there. She rarely teaches in the US. When I read her section in “Guruji” I immediately felt like she was a teacher I could connect with. Plus she’s a woman who practices 4th series and had 3 kids…that’s pretty badass.

  2. Oh Dena is a wonderful wonderful teacher. I’m sure there’s stuff from her in the Guruji book which I’ve get to get hold of. I went to one of her Bali workshops in October 2010 and it was just amazing. Also, Globie (globie.wordpress.com) has sections of his blog on workshops with her in Bali 2008, and Byron Bay 2009.

    You are all very lucky!!

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