Roundup of Guruji remembrances: Eddie Stern and others

We will keep updating this throughout the day as we encounter other remembrances of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. We’ll start with Eddie Stern’s, which is right here and here’s a little exerpt:

Guruji considered going, and spoke to the Head Master at the Sanskrit College to get his opinion about it. The Head Master told him, ‘If you go, Sivananda will get all the credit for your teachings, but if you stay here, one day your name will spread around the world’. So Guruji stayed in Mysore and dedicated himself to his students, and his name, his love, and his teachings, indeed spread around the world. Thank you, Guruji, once again, for your tireless devotion. May we live up to your example.

Eddie has a great series of pictures with his post. Check it out. Here’s just one:

And other remembrances and thoughts:

  • Thad, our friend at elephant journal, has a few thoughts up.
  • Peaceloveyoga has the video we posted earlier, thoughts and pictures.
  • Me and my yoga has thoughts up.
  • Realizing Mysore has a thanks to Guruji.
  • First update: Native Yoga.
  • Second update: Savasana Addict’s got a photo and Me and My Yoga does too. Plus, photos (on Facebook) from the morning puja at our shala, which Bobbie attended.
  • Third update: Yoganatomy. Photos from Pineapple Yoga (on Facebook).
  • Update four (on Sunday): Life after Mysore. Ashley Von Arx (I think I have that right).

We will keep adding — feel free to let us know of any in the comments section.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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