Source for those great videos of Guruji and the senior students?

We all are familiar, I’m sure, with the videos of Guruji and the senior Western students — Tim Miller, Eddie Stern, Richard Freeman, etc. — practicing for posterity’s sake. They were recorded in 1993.

You know the ones. Here’s the excerpt from the Second Series video:

Well, my question is: Is this really the source for them? The website’s address is but it had not, until just now, ever come up on any Internet search I’d done. Here’s its description of the first two Series:

The Beginning or Primary Series is labeled “Chikitsa Bhaga”. This translates as the curative or therapeutic section. The intent of this series is to first prepare the way. To remove the obstructions structurally, organically, emotionally and mentally thus enabling the practitioner to move on to the higher forms of yogic practice.

The Second Series is labeled “Nadi Sodan,” which translates asnerve or channel purification. The Second or Intermediate Series builds on the skills learned in the First, or Primary Series. It is only after a certain degree of mastery of the Primary Series that a student is taught the Intermediate Series. The postures of Second Series are added “one-by-one”, in the words of Pattabhi Jois, to the practice of First Series. As a student gains proficiency in the new postures more are added until the entire new series is learned. In fact this is the method of progression in all the series of Ashtanga yoga. Progress is based on the ability of each student.

The site also has a classic, and familiar, video of T. Krishnamacharya.

The site has a PayPal avenue to purchase color copies of the videos. Well, I’m not sure “purchase” is the right word. They talk about donations, and that a portion goes to Heal Africa.

Anyone know more about this site?

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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