A little taste of our Yatra to India, plus some Sunday sari shopping

Hey Ashtangis? Did you enjoy your Super Moon Day?

We took advantage of the day by sleeping in only a little more than normal, and after a relatively lazy morning (by which I mean cleaning and chores, which were easier to do than post a hard Sunday practice) we drove over to LA County’s Little India for lunch and some shopping for our Yatra.

Yes, yes, it’s months off. Just a way to keep the excitement going.

We went to Loveleen Sari Palace, and the woman who helped us we learned had been in the U.S. for less than two months. She was terrific as were all the people we interacted with while there.

Inside Loveleen

We walked out with more than planned: a sari and salwar kameez for Bobbie and a formal kurta (and matching tight-legged pants, not sure if they have a name) and two more casual ones for me. We’d meant to get me a doti and got completely distracted.

We’ve also begun in earnest on the reading list for the Yatra. And we’ve had a little contact with one of the Yatris from last year, who is going again in December. Why does that matter? Because she wrote a bit about her experience last time. It’s a couple of handfuls of really wonderful online posts, available right here. Since it feels like the blog is anonymously done, I’ll leave the Yatri as a shadow behind all the words. But they are terrific ones, and knowing this is a reflection of the type of people on the trip makes us both all the more excited.

But now, with an eclipse upon us here in Los Angeles and the two-day Ashtanga break almost behind us… time to get back to the routine.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

2 thoughts on “A little taste of our Yatra to India, plus some Sunday sari shopping”

  1. Oh, the places you’ll go! Wonderful.

    Her blog was very beautiful, thanks for sharing the link.

    I was in a bookstore in Cambridge yesterday and almost bought you two a book I found there, on ancient Hindu Temple rituals (it was an academic publication). But, then I thought you probably had it on your reading list already. And, if you wasn’t on your list, well, then, you didn’t need one more book to read!

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