Brotherly love: One certified teacher’s ‘soft spot’ for another

Tim Miller is back in Encinitas after what looks like a thoroughly successful workshop weekend in Philadelphia. We linked to a set of photos on Facebook yesterday, but here is that link again.

The link comes via David Garrigues, who plays an important role in this week’s Tuesdays with Timji — and who had a feature role during the Philly workshop:

David was certified to teach by Pattabhi Jois in 1996, so he was a little over qualified to be my assistant, but he humbly assumed the role of the second banana and offered his loving support throughout the weekend. David has a soft spot in his heart for me because I met him when he was first starting the practice during a Pattabhi Jois tour in 1993. According to David, I was the only one who would answer his seemingly endless questions.

Yes, what this means is those lucky enough to be at the workshop got the knowledge of not one, but two certified teachers.

Sound familiar to those who attended the Confluence?

I can throw in a personal plug for Dhyana and John Vitarelli, who hosted Tim and the workshop. I met them last winter at Tim’s retreat in Tulum, and both were warm and wonderful people. And get this: They own not one, not two but five yoga studios in the Philly area. That’s some serious business acumen at work.

There’s also some serious family acumen at work there: Dhyana had their first baby about a month ago, daughter Raine. Congrats to them.

Daughters are in the sky, as well, this weekend, according to Tim:

We do have an interesting conjunction of the Sun and Mercury at 4:20AM PDT on Sunday in the Nakshatra known as Rohini, “the Red”, linked to the bright star in Taurus called Aldebaran—the most feminine, receptive, and productive of all the asterisms and the home of Brahma Himself along with the Prajapatis, the progenitors of the Universe. Rohini is the daughter of Brahman and a woman so seductive that the Moon never wants to leave it as it transits all the Nakshatras. Could be a good day for the Atman (Sun) and the Buddha (Mercury) to come together .

OK, I’ve knowingly skipped over the most important part of Tim’s post: where he had the best pizza ever. You’ll have to surf on over to his post to find out. The no-more-wheat-eater in me can’t bear to think about it.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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