‘And now I have to move to New York’

There’s a phenomena in Encinitas that perhaps could be called: Timitis.

The symptoms are these:

  • A person takes a class or workshop from Tim Miller and immediately feels the need to move to Encinitas so he or she can practice with Tim all the time.
  • That person begins figuring out how to make this move happen.
  • That person finally just quits a job, packs stuff up and heads to San Diego.

As far as I can tell, the only real treatment for this is a regular vaccination in the form of a trip to the Ashtanga Yoga Center or attendance at a Tim workshop (or Mt. Shasta or Maya Tulum). Doing so help stave off the mental compulsion to move to Encinitas right now.

Via simplemeandcoffee

Well, apparently there is a similar disease: Sternitis.

Eddie Stern has been in Helsinki in recent weeks, and there’s a blog report on his visit that ends this way:

“and now i have to move to new york.”

Believe me, Bobbie and I got exposed to Sternitis, too, and I think only the existing Timitis strain kept us from moving to New York.

Here’s a bit more:

 feel blessed! my body is tired and my face has a smile. my heart is expanded and my deeper attention and awareness awakened.


eddie’s way of teaching is very grounding, straight forward, simple, caring and knowlegable. there’s no fancy stuff or egofeeding teachings going on but instead just very clear, honest and strongly rooted traditional mysore style ashtanga yoga.

during one of his philosophy lectures we were encouraged to “pay attention”. there is nothing else needed than paying attention when you perform a task, whether it’s yoga or cooking or working or spending time with someone. all you need to do is pay attention to whatever lies there in front of you. this has of course been taught to me since day one on my yoga path by different teachers in different ways. and it’s still so relevant to hear.

We here at the Confluence obviously approve of the title of this blog: “Simply Me. And a Cup of Coffee.”

I hope the visa process goes smoothly.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

One thought on “‘And now I have to move to New York’”

  1. I believe there is also a “Freemanitis” bc I’ve also heard about people moving to Colorado for RIchard. I definitely understand the urge to move in order to study with a teacher you feel connected to. I haven’t decided who that will be for me just yet, but my insticts drive me to Ubud, Bali (for the surroundings, if not for Prem and Radha)! Maybe I’ll test drive the plan next winter…

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