The Krishna Das documentary gets a release date: June 17

I know I was a little skeptical about the release of the Krishna Das documentary, which originally was only “coming soon,” so I’m happy to report a date and place for the film’s release: June 17 at the Maui Film Festival.

You can click on the movie website for info or the film fest’s one. It looks like there might be a few Indian-themed films in the queue there; not sure if that’s a coincidence or not. That might be characterizing them too loosely. One film is called Samsara. Link to its trailer is here. There is a Borat-like take on a guru, Kumare. It may not be funny, though. There’s a documentary on Deepak Chopra by his son.

And there’s several films about surfing, no surprise. One is on the big-wave spot Jaws. Another is called Immersion, It looks awesome.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

5 thoughts on “The Krishna Das documentary gets a release date: June 17”

  1. Do you know, that you´re reaching all the way to Denmark with your blog? Anyway, Denmark isn´t that far from the states. Both Tim Miller, David Swenson and Eddie Stern are giving workshops here this summer/autumn. I can´t remember how i landed in this blog, but I´ve been here ever since, just to ad the 1% now and then.
    The reason i´m commenting is the link to the movie Kumare. Kumare is far from a Borat-like figure. The film was shown on danish television this week. It´s very relevant for astangis trying to find a balance between the 99 and the 1%. How much should you beleive in, and can you trust everyone who calls himself a guru? Watch it!

    1. Glad you’re here. And thanks for the extra info on Kumare. I went by the “guy pretends to be a spiritual leader” idea in thinking it was Borat-like. Maybe a more serious Borat? But perhaps, in some ways, with the same purpose?

      We’ll try to check it out if it makes it here.

      It goes without saying we highly recommend the Tim workshop, right? His first time there!


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