A good time to ‘step up’ your spiritual commitments is coming

It will be a busy full moon this Monday, no doubt about it.

Via boston.com

Tim Miller in his weekly blog preps us for it all: lunar eclipse, Saturn and Mars influences, Krishna and Radha. Here’s the link, and here’s a few key passages:

The first lunar eclipse of the year happens on Monday June 4th at 4:12am PDT. It will be a partial eclipse with just over a third of the Moon’s surface falling under the shadow of the Earth and eclipsing the light of the Sun. The full moon will occur in the Nakshatra called Mitra—“the friend.” Mitra is one of the twelve Adityas (solar deities) mentioned in the Vedas. Mitra infuses Anuradha with warmth, light-heartedness, leadership, friendliness, helpfulness, and optimism. The symbol for Anuradha is a lotus flower, which is associated with purity, evolution, and enlightenment.

There is a darker side to Anuradha. Its planetary ruler is Saturn, which is the planet of spiritual trials. Anuradha falls within the constellation Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars. Mars is considered the secondary ruler of this nakshatra. Saturn and Mars are both considered as malefic and tamasic planets, so there is some sense of difficulty and overcoming of inertia that is necessary with Anuradha.


The coming full moon/lunar eclipse will be a supercharged time to let go of those things that have been impeding our growth, step up our commitment to our spiritual evolution, and awaken to the fact that our deepest desire is to reunite with the Divine, and help others do the same.

I’ve cut out lots of explanations of Saturn and Mars’ influence and the roles of Krishna and Radha. Need to know how you’re like a lotus flower? Click the link and find out.

For us here, the eclipse is yet another unavoidable sign that we need to “step up” our Yatra readings, try to evolve our meditation practice into something resembling a “practice” and yet retain the commitment to Ashtanga.

You’re a householder, right? (If you’re off meditating on things in the forest or a mountainside, do you have a Wifi card?) So you know the push and pull of life can be difficult to combat, as can the lure of just relaxing at the end of a long day of work. It is nothing that can’t be overcome, but it seems to require some extra effort. I’ll hope the possibility of reuniting with the Divine will spark something this week.

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