Profile of L.A. Yogi Noah Williams

Noah, via his website.

One of the aspects of the Confluence that was what you might call “charming” that Steve and I enjoyed was meeting people we actually only live a few miles away from. This included people we used to practice with but had never spoken to (ah, the silence of the Mysore room), but also teachers we’d only heard about. One of those  teachers was Noah Williams, who was one of the amazing assistants working their way around the room in San Diego. Noah studied with Tim, and we know a number of fellow Angelinos who practice all the way across town at his shala in Silver Lake.

He’s profiled in the most recent edition of LA Yoga, our Southern Cali freezine found on the doorstep of yoga studios all over the Southland. It’s a biography, really, and tells quite a tale of a yogic journey. Noah’s not quoted very much, but when he is, it’s gold. This description of Ashtanga really stood out to me:

The primary emphasis in Ashtanga Yoga is the practice of asana…Then the focus becomes the movement of prana. Then the focus is on controlling your mind. Ashtanga Yoga is the integration of asana with perfect concentration or meditation.

To me, that’s most succinct description of Ashtanga I’ve ever seen. Check out the story that got him to that clarity.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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