David Garrigues: Tim Miller has a ‘quality of soulfulness’

David Garrigues’ summer newsletter is out, and it has a wonderful section about having Tim Miller in town. We highlighted Tim’s trip earlier.

Tim and David, from David’s newsletter

But David’s reflections are worth passing on, we think. And it is very in keeping with the notion behind the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence (and by extension, I suppose, our mission here): bringing together the shared resources embodied by Guruji’s senior Western students. That was very much on display at the Confluence, and it is again in David’s words:

One thing I absorbed was how Tim conveys a quality of soulfulness in his communication, a soulfulness that is transmitted in his groundedness, humor, and his respect for and tolerance of people’s differing levels of commitment to the stages of yoga. Tim’s ambling, slow, movement around the mysore room, his gray hair, steady voice and long time experience all help call to the mind the archetype of the wise old man, the battle worn, benevolent father, who has been through the fire and darkness and emerged into the light on the other side. He comes to you vulnerable but unshakeable, with a winking, biting, at times slightly faltering delivery that is perfectly accented by a variety of playful smiles and wild, ironic, slightly mocking, and searching facial expressions.


When with Tim you feel you are firmly anchored in a safe harbor, and that with his teachings in mind you will feel more firmly protected when you journey into unpredictable, changing seas of rigorous, daily practice. You feel that in the important matters of yoga, he knows the direction we all need to be steering our selves. You feel relieved to have a guide who has helped thousands of people walk along the hilly, winding yogic road to the gates of self study. Tim’s seat within the lineage is that of a heavyweight (not literally Tim!)– like the meaning of the word Guru, weighty, stable, Tim is able to support, embrace and carry the formidable weight of the shakti, spiritual, healing energy that is generated by serious students of ashtanga in any given session.


The weekend reaffirmed for me that given his very human perspective, his love and devotion to yoga and his experience, Tim, the person and teacher, is one of the most important channels for students to receive Guruji’s healing teachings in as direct and pure line as possible. Tim said to me that he is happy to carry the torch, so seek him out and enjoy!

I know that’s a lot — but it isn’t even half of what David writes. I strongly encourage you to click the link above and check it all out. And while you’re at it you can check out his summer schedule and two chances to study with him in India in 2013.

Thanks to Thad for passing it on to us. Make sure to check out his postings on elephant journal (he’s out connection there) as well as Frances’ at LilaBlog.

Both are worthwhile additions to your busy web reading.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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