The buzz around Yoga Gives Back

This follows nicely on our last post on all the things that aren’t yoga.

Via yoga journal

Yoga Journal has a blog post up on a cause we’ve supported and mentioned before: Yoga Gives Back. (Previous posts: here and here and here.)

YGB’s founder Kayoko Mitsumatsu practices at our Los Angeles shala, Omkar 108. Here’s a snippet from the Yoga Journal post. It is at their main blog, “Yoga Buzz”:

Inspired by the Nobel Peace Prize winning works of Dr. Muhammad Yunus, whose highly successful micro-financing model encourages sustainable financial independence by giving loans to entrepreneurial men and women living in poverty, YGB, supports micro-credit programs in India which lend small loans to women in particular, who have no access to capital. Its motto? “For the cost of one yoga class, you can change a life.”

“As a yoga practitioner, I felt strong sense of blessing to my good health and peace. I wanted to give back to today’s India,” Mitsumatsu explains. “If [a fraction of the money spent on yoga in the US]  is redirected to help the poor in India, we can make a difference.”

YGB currently sponsors 103 mothers and their children with microloans, according to Mitsumatsu, who has witnessed firsthand how this kind of support truly helps people change their lives.

You can click on the YBG link above to find out more or get involved if you are so inspired.

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