Tim Miller: Of senior moments and ‘Oh Shiva!’

We have an apologetic Tim Miller this week.

It turns out, his description last week of the lunar eclipse included some math errors, which changed the meaning of the events high above us.

Go to Tim’s blog to get things set right, like, right now. Here’s a snippet:

When I realized my mistake I said, “Oh Shiva!” Everything I had said in relation to the Moon in Anuradha would be happening on Sunday rather than Monday (except for the eclipse, of course). Usually I’m pretty good at math—good enough to help my daughter with her fourth grade homework, anyway—but in this case I had a “senior moment.” The eclipse in Jyeshta means something totally different, of course.

I’m serious. You’ll have to go to his blog to get all the details.

Tim got his post up a little earlier than normal; I suspect it was because he talks about Tuesday evening’s Venus transit. (Did you see it?)

Tim goes to his own source for Vedic astrology to describe what the transit means for us: Marga Laube, a Vedic astrologer based in Ashland, Oregon. Here’s what he passes on:

Marga says that it will facilitate a shift in our understanding of Value– we will arrive at a new understanding of the cost of our attachment to “stuff”, and a heightened appreciation of those things that really make our heart sing.

Tim also notes that Saturday night, from 7 to 9 p.m., the Ashtanga Yoga Center is holding a kirtan with Naren Schreiner who specializes in the “Yoga of Music.” If you’re down in the area, check it out. Bobbie and I are checking our calendars… not sure if we can get there.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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