Why do we make ‘that noise’ in deep back bends?

Today, in the last of six drop backs, I made that noise for the first time.

You know what I mean. Lots of folks make it in Kapotasana; but it can happen in other deep back bends. It sounds something like: “ooucckwooo”.

It comes, perhaps, from the diaphragm? When I try to think about where it originated this morning, that seems about right.

Is it a chakra thing, perhaps? I guess that’s the solar plexus chakra, the Manipura. It’s related to Ram and Rudra, so perhaps there’s a fight or flight aspect to what produces this sound? (Note: I’m far from an expert on the chakras.) This chakra does relate to energy and willpower, and both of those are certainly firing as we rainbow ourselves back — or more precisely, as someone rainbows us back.

Via chakrachka.ru

Whatever the cause, I assume it always comes on unbidden. It’s an unwilling passenger on our trek toward the floor, our heels, or toes …

I wonder, too, whether its appearance — can a noise appear? — is a positive sign. Is it a pure signal that we are at our limit? Or is it a negative one, signaling that we’ve gone a step or two beyond where we should be?

Judging by how often I hear this noise, I’ve got to figure it’s the former.

I wonder, too, if it isn’t just a sign that we’ve cracked through to the subtle body, touched something that’s normally out of reach.

Or it’s just basic pain and fear. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

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