Guruji leads Sharath through Prasarita

Only about 2,000 views on this video, so perhaps you all haven’t seen it yet.


A few thoughts (as if I have any right commenting):

  • It’s always wonderful to hear Guruji’s count — and in many ways it is very familiar. His students have done a remarkable job of passing that small, but I think valuable, part of his teaching along.
  • I always grab my waist to come up in this pose; I guess perhaps I know that’s not how it’s done, but it sure feels better on my back.
  • In C, Sharath opens his chest in the way I was taught, but which doesn’t seem to be emphasized often. While I am not one to say, it is hard not to notice that his hands don’t get very near the floor.
  • He jumps back to Samasthiti. But he puts his hands in Namaste. We don’t do that anymore, right?

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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