Are you a ‘committed practitioner’?

There’s something extremely interesting at Dena Kingsberg’s web home, which I think is new. I can’t believe I didn’t notice it earlier.

It is the “committed practitioners 2014” link.

Here is a taste:

an opportunity to give priority to one’s own practice in an energising and inspiring environment with a senior and certified teacher of Sri K P jois.
a small and select group of ashtanga yoga practitioners who request to deepen their practice under the guidence of Dena Kingsberg.
Intense periods of study with Dena take place for three months in three consecutive years.

On going studies continue between these dates. offering first year only at this time.

 second and third year by application on completion of the first.
a two-way commitment for the pursuit of truth in each other
Is not
a teacher training

Yes, it sounds very unusual (to me, anyway), in its own way very traditional — very much of the teacher (guru) / student (shishya) relationship — but unlike how most yoga teachers establish a relationship with their students.

I suppose, if you think about it, it is a slightly more formalized version of folks like Dena and the other Confluence teachers returning again and again to Guruji. (The small group setting sets it apart from how people still return to Mysore these days, I think.)

And, you might note, it starts — starts! — in February 2014. Talk about planning ahead.

But this might be my favorite part of this “call to action” (my words):

now what
attend an intensive / workshop or retreat and make contact.

then write a hand written letter explaining why this is of interest.

My interest level in Dena at the Confluence, which already was extremely high, has increased by about 347%. This just seems amazing.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

2 thoughts on “Are you a ‘committed practitioner’?”

  1. Agreed. She sounds amazing! And, intense. Grounded. Clear!

    Lucky you, to be able to experience her teaching at the Confluence. Alas, it’s not in the cards for me next year.

    (But, what may be in the cards: I’m thinking very seriously of going on the Namarupa Sadhana Yatra in December, too. Just looking at finances right now before I pull the trigger and send in my $108 to reserve a spot – actually, $216, as it would be myself and my son going, if we can pull it off. I’ll keep you posted!)

  2. I have read about this before on someone’s blog (although, of course, I can’t bring to mind whose it was) who has studyed quite extensively with her. I am very intrigued by Dena who, from what I’ve read, sounds like she has a very direct, “tough love” style of teaching. I hope when registration rolls around that I’ll be able to make the trek to the Confluence this time!

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