Getting through the physics to the metaphysics of Ashtanga

There’s a lot happening this summer at Tim Miller’s Ashtanga Yoga Center.

There are, of course, the two teacher trainings — primary and second series. (And, yes, Bobbie is doing the second series one, and I hope to tag along for a week or so, practice at Tim’s in the morning and then hang out on the beach while Bobbie’s having her body and mind stretched. It may also give me a chance to catch up with her on our Yatra reading.)

Hanuman’s not in the logo for nothing!

But sooner than that — the training it at the end of August — is a three-hour even on Sat., July 21. It’s called, “The Physics & Metaphysics of Asana.”

Here’s a link to the announcement. The title gets right to the point: It looks first at the physics of asana and then at the deeper stuff, how asana can help us face some of our more unpleasant emotions.

The best part? No, it’s not the opportunity to crack yourself open so your gooey insides are exposed. It is that the event is a fundraiser for the Sean O’Shea Foundation. Check it and its work out right here.

The cost is just $60.

If you’re one to plan a ways ahead, another event catches my eye. A two-part yoga sutra chant and discussion. It is by Indian master teachers Dr. Jayashree and Sri Narasimhan. It’s Sept. 4 and Sept. 6; cost is $30 for one day and $50 for both. A link to find out more is right here.

That one may be hard for us to swing, as we’ll just be coming back up from Encinitas. But… you never know.

For the complete list of what’s happening at AYC, just go to the site — link over to the right.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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