Yogi Diet: I can get some satisfaction

OK, to continue my “confession” theme, here’s one: We ate a wee bit of wheat last night.

Via wikipedia

It wasn’t much: a pita bread and a half. It came along with the vegetarian dinners from the local Middle Eastern place, which is next to the pharmacy, and I needed to stop there. (Those playing along may also realize this meal wasn’t raw.)

I should point out here: I think we were ripped off, a little. There should have been another half a pita.

But that emphasizes the point: It didn’t matter. The food we got — which we didn’t even finish — was more than enough. Back before cutting wheat out, I doubt that would have satisfied us, given how hungry we were.

Confession No. 2: I’m sure by “us,” I mean me. I would have hoovered whatever Bobbie didn’t finish (or was too slow to finish).

We’ve noted in the past that once we cut wheat out of our diet — hybridized wheat, not specifically gluten — we dropped weight and fat. There are the scientific reason for this, but also perhaps another simpler one:

I think we cut our calorie intake in the process. And I think last night’s dinner was evidence of that, if not proof. We got full on less food.

So, perhaps this is another benefit you can add to cutting wheat out of your diet? I’m thinking we need to test this on pizza, to be sure.

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