Guru Purnima with DG: ‘One doc, cure is coming; two docs, death is coming’

David Garrigues has posted a nice tribute video to Guruji to celebrate today, Guru Purnima. He talks at length about the value of having one teacher. (I like the moment about 3:30 in when he acknowledges he learned from others, too. It seems honest; that could have been edited out.)

He also dives into the student’s own role in the learning process. Admission: I’d like to someday have a slightly bigger container for myself.

You are going to the celebration at Ashtanga Yoga New York, if you’re there, right?

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

2 thoughts on “Guru Purnima with DG: ‘One doc, cure is coming; two docs, death is coming’”

  1. Regarding only having one teacher, a lot of us have a small, select group of teachers, all pretty much focused on the same thing and following the same general parameters. I’ve found it really helpful to watch videos on pasasana from Kino, M Villella, DG, Richard F. Each one adds helpful tid bits. True, I mostly practice at home and am not a regular with one teacher, however even if I were I think I would still find these various instructional videos very useful. In Guruji’s time having more than one teacher probably meant long travels between cities. Now we can have a principle teacher that we add supplemental teachers to online, or during occassional workshops. I think it keeps things fresh and interesting. It is good to question authority, continually!

    1. We absolutely live in different times with much more ready (and probably “good”) access to teachers. Perhaps it is the difference between teachers and guru — maybe we should just find one guru to point us in the right direction; we can have teachers to help us along the way?


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