Krishna Das film gets NY premiere, and we’ll be seeing him soon

Krishna Das — or KD — is coming to Los Angeles in August, hitting two of LA’s yoga hot spots: the Westside (I’d say Santa Monica, but he’ll be appearing just south in Venice) and in Larchmont, where the second (I believe) YogaWorks is. (That’s where he’ll be appearing.)

From the official website

His Venice appearance is at a yoga studio, as well, and I expect we’ll provide some reactions to our experience of the evening. I suspect it will be the closest thing to a night of Bhakti that we’ve experienced outside of kirtan with Tim Miller. (And those are something special because, well, it’s with Tim.)

We’ve seen KD before, but in a larger venue that produced more of a classic concert effect. Next month’s kirtan will involve our own pillows and cushions and not a theater seat.

The big question is: Will we need them or will we be up and dancing the whole time?

There’s also news about the KD documentary, which premiered in Maui (and apparently got named best documentary at the Maui Film Festival). That news? The New York premiere:

ONE TRACK HEART premieres in New York City on September 13th, 2012 at Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater. OTH is being featured as a part of the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s “Art of the Real” series. It will be shown at the Walter Reade Theater at 6:30pm, followed by a Q&A with Krishna Das, Sharon Salzberg, Lama Surya Das, David Nichtern and director Jeremy Frindel. Tickets go on sale in August, check back soon for more details!

It is, of course, the Q&A that’s the real selling point. That is a pretty heavy duty lineup.

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