Would you believe there’s not enough yoga in Mysore?

Although thousands of foreigners flock to Mysore every year, the city lacks “certifiable courses” in yoga, according to a short piece in the Times of India.

Yep. Not enough yoga in Mysore.

OK, so that’s the kind-of-out-of-context, top-line reading of the Times’ story. Apparently, there are people arguing that there isn’t enough scholarly, authoritative courses on yoga there.

Specifically, some college or university needs to start offering courses. Here’s a little bit from the piece:

At present, only Karnataka University in Dharwad offers yoga course in the state. According to sources, Mysore has more than 150 authorized yoga training centres. But no city colleges or any other recognized institutes offer courses. The city receives 5,000 foreigners every year and the inflow is more especially between the month of August and February.

Raghavendra R Pai, who runs Sri Vedavyasa Yoga Foundation, said though Mysore is known for its tryst with yoga, there are no universities from where people can learn the intricacies of this world-acclaimed practice. Many citizens and yoga teachers want the institutes to start yoga course. “Yoga should be included at least in the open university. The University of Mysore receives more than 1,000 foreign students every year who want to know more about yoga. If any institution comes forward to offer an authentic course, there will be good response. Since Mysore is an education hub, there are chances of yoga getting more popular,” he says.

The issue starts to get clearer, right? There’s a difference between going to the Ashtanga shala in Mysore and studying in a college environment. Right?

Either way, it’s amusing to think of Mysore as lacking yoga.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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