Friday asana aid: Dropbacks

Here’s part of the Ashtanga series that needs no introduction, so, let’s jump — or fall — right in.

Chris Croft:

Yoga body Naturals:

Ashtanga World, using a wall:

And, finally, just up this week, Michael Gannon:

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

16 thoughts on “Friday asana aid: Dropbacks”

  1. steve – you gotta take that sadie nardini video down. she is obnoxious and seriously, that is the worst advice for dropping back…so not ashtanga….love your blog, but that just won’t fly.

      1. By the way, I have zero idea who she is… although I just saw something on her online, so I now have a 1% idea, and I kinda see where you were coming from.

        That said, Bobbie and I are still debating if the videos posted imply our “endorsement” of the method. Perhaps they do — I might in the future point out ones I think aren’t good. We’ll see.


    1. No need to apologize 🙂 Those were our personal opinions, but I’m not surprised that you agree…I watched her video a long time ago and that whole thing about leaning back and doing one arm at a time just seems physically irresponsible because of the twist it creates in the spine.

  2. No worries Steve. It happens to all of us. If I don’t get chastised at least once a day, I know I am not trying hard enough.

  3. Yes, definitely I have read it as your endorsement is on the videos. As I’m new to ashtanga I can’t always differentiate between good and bad instruction so I would definitely appreciate a bit of commentary on who you think is doing a really good job in their vids. After all, anyone can put anything up on YT these days! Love these posts, don’t spend too long on second please 🙂

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