Here’s what you, and we, are missing this week with Tim Miller

Last night, a friend of ours from the Tim Miller Mt. Shasta trip posted a photo on Facebook of the full moon rising above her hometown.

Miss all my Mt. Shasta friends, was the message.


Perhaps we didn’t convince you to go to Mt. Shasta this year; can’t say we didn’t try. Well, here’s Tim from high up in the mountains; perhaps this will get you to mark your calendars for next August?

Greetings from Mt. Shasta–just coming to the end of Day 2 of the retreat, having completed all of the adventures I talked about last week—The Sweat Lodge, Squaw Creek and the Chute, and a very chilly swim at McCloud Falls. It’s a great group—seemingly willing to follow me anywhere. Yesterday I convinced them, after yoga class and a sweat lodge, to hike a long distance into the woods, then sit on pointy rocks in the hot sun or scramble down some steep rocks to dive into the creek and “Run the Chute”—a brief, but chilling experience that proves to be quite refreshing.


The final hike is Mt. Shasta on Saturday—to the very center of the vortex in Squaw Meadows—a magical fairyland of springs, creeks, meadows and trees. Here we convene in the Temple of the Trees to consult the Oracle and plumb the depths of the Collective Unconscious. Afterwards, we offer tobacco to the Great Spirit—a Native American tradition—and spend some time in prayer and meditation. It’s a powerful experience and a fitting culmination of the week—rivaled only by the “Circle of Tears” on Sunday morning.

Have we hit you over the head hard enough by now? Well, a week with Tim Miller’s something to be experienced.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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