A view of the streets of Mysore

This video was uploaded during the past day, and it includes various views of the streets of Mysore — but no Ashtanga. The woman who “tries her hand” at making incense looks like she could be there to practice, but I don’t see any particular nods in yoga’s direction, not even in her other videos. (There’s an earlier Mysore one from three days ago). And that seems to make for a bit of a fresh perspective on the city.

The fundamentally different nature of life and living there comes through pretty strongly, I think. But there doesn’t seem to be anything heavy-handed or judgmental about it. Just: Here’s what’s happening.

And of course, I write that as someone who has experienced the difference of India — yet. That difference is among the first things people — including those leading our Yantra — bring up when talking about India. (Well, except for yogis, who talk about yoga.) This seems to capture a bit of that.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

3 thoughts on “A view of the streets of Mysore”

  1. Hi Steve, definitely an Ashtanga practitioner 🙂 I’ve seen the featured guys at KPJAYI and notice the scenes starting 2.19… talking about Ashtanga. Also some of the shops are the ones just near the shala.

      1. well, you won’t believe it, but there are a few Westeners in Mysore that have never heard of Ashtanga or Pattabhi Jois or the like, but it is indeed quite rare :)) usually tourists of South India on their ways to Bangalore airport :))

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