Big yoga day: Confluence schedule; Roots of Yoga project makes goal; and a paddleboard built for you

It feels like a big day in the yoga world.

The 2013 Ashtanga Yoga Confluence schedule is up, and it is just one highlight after the next. A led class by Dena Kingsberg? Check. A led class of how Guruji first taught Ashtanga to Nancy Gilgoff by Nancy? Check check. The list goes on.

And just to hit the point home: Registration will be in early October. You can chill for a couple months, but then… be watching your inbox.

The next big thing is that the Roots of Yoga project we’ve been following met its $50,000 fundraising goal with nearly a day to spare. (It’s now over the $50,000 mark, which may mean some extra dosas for the guys as they do their research.) I checked in with Mark Singleton, one of the two researchers (along with James Mallison), and I hope we’ll be able to bring you continued updates on their work. Stay tuned for that. We’re excited to see what they come up with, even if we’re talking a two-year wait. Our Ashtanga practices are teaching us patience.

Sadly, though, my Ashtanga practice isn’t necessarily teaching me tolerance, so to balance off these two great news items, I leave you with this, the latest from the “Gah! I want to poke my eyes out” department:

Surfboard and Paddle Board Manufacturer Introduces the Launch of Their Line of Yoga Boards

Yoga enthusiasts have been catching on to the benefits of paddle board yoga for quite some time, new this week, surfboad and paddle board company Kitson Boards launches their new line of paddle boards ideal for yoga.

With not only the sport of paddle boarding taking off in the recent years, the new wave of yogites have enhanced the activity even more. Crafted with a more suitable surface specifically designed for all types of yoga positions, the board is still also built to maintain the ideal buoyancy for water use.

The new Yoga Board from Kitson Boards takes the design of their Standard Round Pin Paddle Board and modifies it to fit the specific activity of yoga.

“Whether your aiming for health or moksha, our Yoga Paddle Boards are the boards for you,” said Kitson Board Surfboard and Paddle Board Design Engineer, Travis Dodge, “We’ve designed this board specifically to best fit the yoga experience and to cater to the practitioner’s needs”

By providing a flatter top surface, extended width, hard rails, and reduced rockers, the Kitson Boards Yoga Paddle Board gives the stability required to practice on the water.

I know I should be open-minded, but for some reason (actually, I know the reason, it’s because stand up paddleboards also drive my crazy as a surfer… stop snaking my waves!) this particular yoga-health iteration drives me nuts.

I’m pacified some by the misuse of “your” in the quote, I’ll admit.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

7 thoughts on “Big yoga day: Confluence schedule; Roots of Yoga project makes goal; and a paddleboard built for you”

  1. Ouch! SUP yoga is a challenge – try floating on your head! It’s tons of fun and relaxing-I teach ashtanga 6 days a week and relax on the water with a few students on the days off. And we share the waves here too. Paddling is great for core and leg strength .. You develop a keen sense of balance, humor and cimraderue.

    1. I’ll grant that as a way to have fun, blow off a little steam, I get it. It’s the broad use of the word “yoga” to describe everything with stretching that nags at me. Also, I have lost too many waves to SUPers. 🙂

      I’d hate for us to be accused of being humorless, and I can see where we’re headed that direction.

  2. Yoga Paddle boards are essentially an example par excellance of “yoga bleaching”….look it up…it comes from the Babarazzi…

    Besides Steve…just because you practice yoga doesn’t mean you must be open-minded…in fact, I would be curious if anyone out there in blogoland could actually point to a legitimate translation of any yogic text that says yoga is about having an open-mind. Yoga is about controlling the mind to allow for discrimination. I’m all about fun…but to parse the word yoga with your methods and modes of entertainment is to simply miss the point.

    1. Hey Thad.

      Don’t worry, I’m familiar with The B. Some necessarily cutting stuff. Bring some folks down to earth.

      And I agree — not sure exactly how yoga and open mind got equated; maybe it would seem to be the state of being enlightened?

      But in this case, I know being judgmental is one of my “personal poisons.” So I’m trying not to be (and failing spectacularly!).

      Perhaps the Roots of Yoga project will finally put an end to this misunderstanding? 🙂

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