Mt. Shasta is magical, as this wedding proves

We’ve talked about the magic of Tim Miller’s Mt. Shasta retreat before. (Perhaps too much?)

Well, if a place can be where two people meet, fall in love and then get married, I think it contains some magic. Here’s Tim’s recounting of the wedding of our — and many people’s — friends from Shasta, the Confluence and Ashtanga, Suzy and Chris:

I got up at 4:45, made coffee, and put the final touches on Chris and Suzy’s wedding ceremony. They had written their own vows so all I had to do was come up with a couple of wedding poems to be inserted at crucial moments and say a few words at the beginning and end. I met Chris and Suzy and their photographer friend at the McCloud Mercantile Hotel at 6:15 and we drove out to Squaw Creek, where I had selected a location for the ceremony. We walked in a couple of hundred yards, past the bridge where the Pacific Crest Trail crosses Squaw Creek. Just on the other side of the bridge I remembered a trail down to the creek and an area of flat, layered stones that looked like the remains of an ancient Lemurian temple. The first trail I tried was the wrong one and was unusually steep and slippery—I winced as I watched Suzy try to navigate the trail in her wedding dress. On my second try I found the right trail and we all made it down without soiling our predominantly white attire. The ceremony was about 20 minutes and just the four of us. In the chill of the morning and the backdrop of the creek and the forest it was a very primeval experience. Suzy wore a sleeveless dress and Chris a cotton short-sleeved shirt and I marveled at their imperviousness to the cold—apparently their passion was keeping them warm. Driving back on the dirt road I saw two bears—one brown and one black—running into the woods. I’ve seen bears on this road before, but to see two of them seemed particularly auspicious.

On Tuesday, I think the fact that she’ll be down practicing with and learning from Tim fully hit Bobbie. Let’s keep it simple and say she’s excited. I’m looking forward to my first low-key time off life in a long while; I’m not sure Mt. Shasta last year counts entirely, because while a true recharge, it’s also pretty exhausting in its wonderfulness. Next week, I plan to practice (and sometimes, Tim’s Mysore classes start at 9 a.m.!), head back to our rental house overlooking the Pacific, relax, read, head down to the beach, surf, hang out in downtown Encinitas, have dinner with Bobbie and hear about her day’s training and also do nothing.

So I’m fairly excited, too.

Oh, and even if you don’t know Suzy or Chris, you should check out Tim’s blog post as he describes how he reenacts a scene that I’m sure has happened on Sunset Boulevard about a billion times.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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