It was definitely a good Tuesday to sing the Hanuman Chalisa

I mentioned in our previous post that there was a full house — both crowd and band — for the Tuesday morning singing of the Hanuman Chalisa at Tim Miller’s.

It turns out, that Tuesday seemed to be a pretty perfect one for what apparently was the biggest crowd ever. Tim explains in this week’s Tuesdays with Timji:

The Moon, Mars, and Saturn create an interesting dynamic when placed in such close proximity to each other. Saturn is said to be the most astringent of planets and when it is close to the Moon is thought to “suck the juice out of it”. This aspect creates the dreaded Sade Sathi—seven and a half years of the “school of hard knocks” when Saturn irons out the defects of character and encourages us to become more spiritual, humble and pragmatic. This current transit will only last a couple of days—the Sade Sathi occurs when Saturn comes close (within a sign) of your natal moon position. The best treatment when Saturn begins to suck the juice out of the Moon is singing the Hanuman Chalisa.

And that’s not all:

Six and a half hours after its “Yoga” with Saturn, the Moon lines up with Mars. This combination can make us extremely irritable and willful, prone to flying off the handle, and very attached to getting our own way. If we can exercise some self-control we can use this energy to move us through some formidable barriers. It’s a great time to work on the Klesas—Avidya (ignorance), Asmita (egotism), Raga (attachment), Dvesa (aversion), and Abhinivesa (clinging to form). Once again, the best thing we can do is to sing the Hanuman Chalisa.

I’ll encourage you to click on through to Tim’s piece to find out more about Hanuman’s many miraculous attributes, as well as word of the birth of Tim’s first grandson. Congratulations to Tim, his son Eli and Eli’s growing family.

Final word, especially for those down in the San Diego area: Saturday night, the Ashtanga Yoga Center is playing host to Naren Schreiner, director of Sangita Yoga, the Yoga of Music. He’s the musical performer for the 2013 Confluence, so this is a chance to get a sneak peak at what we’ll experience next March. Given that Bobbie and I happen to be down here, we know what our Saturday night includes. It starts at 7 p.m.

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One thought on “It was definitely a good Tuesday to sing the Hanuman Chalisa”

  1. I love stories like this—the moon sucking the astringent juice of Saturn. It’s funny to think how unlikely we’d be to generate this bit of myth now, when we understand the scale of both bodies (moon, Saturn) so differently…. Then again, we seem unable to generate myths at all, at this point.

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