Practice. Watch. Repeat.

Tim at the shala, teaching, as always.

We just packed up Steve’s car and he’s headed back to Los Angeles. It was a great last day of his vacation, but I’m sad to see him go. Such is the life of a householder. It was a great week with him.

Today is our “day off”: which means no training. Only practice.

I began the day in Tim’s Led Second Series class, which is always fun because Tim practices right along with us, calling the names of the poses and the fifth breath, cracking a sympathetic joke every now and then. (My favorite? During bhekasana,“frog pose”: “Don’t croak!”) I was practicing between my friends Heidi Quinn and Michelle Haymoz. They radiate peace, even while I’m sweating like a roofer in mid-July.

Just as a side note, I’ve heard good news from Michelle. She will be joining me and Steve on the Namarupa sadhana yatra in December-January! That’s right: We’ll be bringing along a professional designer and photographer. I’m thinking we’re going to have the World’s Best Vacation Pictures. I’m so glad Robert Moses will be bringing her along to document our journey for Namarupa.

I stayed after class to observe Tim’s Led First Series, which is always a joy–made especially fun because I get to watch Tim adjust Steve. I never get tired of watching Tim teach. This class was intense; jammed, in fact–about as full as I’ve ever seen the shala, with two assistants working overtime as well. Tim’s boundless energy, even after practicing/teaching second series, is amazing. But what’s even more amazing is the level of effort his students give, the energy in the room. Much tapas.

Steve and I had a much deserved last day together on the beautiful beach in Encinitas, taking part in Nature’s own anti-inflammatory: the Pacific Ocean. Tomorrow, Mysore class. Then, we go deeper into our breakdown of second. But I’m most looking forward to watching Tim teach again. He does his Intro to Ashtanga at 5:30–the same class I teach. I’ll be there in the corner, taking notes.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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