Is it Cyrano? Richard II? Woody? No. It’s Tim Miller.

Yesterday in our Second Series Teacher Training we covered the tittibasanas–A, B, and C. C, in case you don’t know, involves something of a comical walk. Perhaps you do know. Perhaps you do this thing. Or perhaps you’ve seen it.

If you haven’t, we at The Confluence Countdown are here for you with an excellent demonstration by the master. Yesterday, exhausted from researching, and breaking down this series of difficult poses, the students were in a funk. Tim lightened the mood with a story. Coming home from teaching one day, he found a message on his answering machine from the casting director of the iconic TV show, Cheers. They needed a “contortionist.” Would he be willing to come to Paramount Studios and audition? Yes, said Tim: “How often do you come home from work to a message from the casting director of Cheers?” He got the job.

They needed a stunt double for the now iconoclastic Woody Harrelson. It may be that you’re too young to remember this show, or it’s been too long since you’ve seen it, but for a long time it was the show everyone watched. I was watching it. Steve was watching it (eventually together). I told Steve this story, and he was on the case. So, now, for your enjoyment and edification, tittibasana C as performed on Cheers by our guru, Tim Miller:

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