Loofa your subconscious and get help, more easily, from David Garrigues

Two quick Labor Day items for you — we labor so you don’t have to!

After a self-admitted hiatus, Eddie Stern is back to his blog and dropping quick and hilarious posts. With Ashtanga Yoga New York closed through this weekend, ’til Tuesday in fact, he posted a video of “Voices Carry” by the 1980s band of the same name.

And then on Sunday he posted one with this title: “My Subconscious Could Use a Good Exfoliation.” Here’s the link to the best dayspa imaginable. Enjoy, and book early!

A bit more substantial is the fact that David Garrigues — who is on our short list of Ashtanga teachers we most want to practice with — has redone his YouTube page. And we agree with him. It looks better and is much easier to navigate. He has poses broken down into a variety of subcategories such as “New to Ashtanga,” “Transitions,” “Arm Balances” and “Backbends.”

Here’s the link. It might now be the best resource for “asana aid” out there. (Anyone know of one better?) Here’s the Bakasana video, just for fun:

Finally, a programming note. Bobbie’s got lots more to talk about from her Second Series teacher training with Tim Miller. Stay tuned; she just needs the time to sit in front of the computer, and I’ve been keeping her too busy since she got home.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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