A few more hours until Ganesh Chaturthi begins at AYNY

Got all your planning done for Ganesh Chaturthi?

Bobbie and I have been discussing when the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival begins. By most accounts, she tells me, it is sometime next week.

But then I see that things are kicking off at Ashtanga Yoga New York in a few hours. So that might help move things up in our house. We’ll see.

Here’s the schedule AYNY has posted plus a message from Broome St. Temple.

First the schedule:

We will be closed for the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, Saturday, September 15th – 19th – classes resume on Thursday, September 20th. The schedule for the festival is below – please join if you can!


6-9 pm FESTIVAL INAUGURATION, Ganesh puja, mula mantra japa, arati and prasad


9-1 pm Ganesh puja, kalasha sthapana, homa, japa, abhisheka, arati and prasad

4-6 pm SPECIAL EVENT! Veda chanting, kirtan and arati on the Hudson River at Pier 40 (entrance at Houston St.)


9-12 noon puja, homa, japa, arati and prasad 4-6 pm Veda Parayana, homa, japa

6-6:45 pm Kirtan 7-8 pm Special evening Indian music concerts

Sunday 1 pm SPECIAL TALK by Robert Moses on last year’s Namarupa pilgrimage to amazing sacred places of India

Tuesday 6 pm SPECIAL EVENING TALK by Swami Sadasivananda on Vedanta and the inner meanings of worship


10-1 pm puja, homa, japa, Ganapati abhisheka and special alankara, arati, prasad

6-8 pm SPECIAL EVENT! Homa, japa and Ganesh Utsava Murti procession thru Soho with kirtan our most joyous event of the year – don’t miss it!

8 pm Homa, final arati and prasad.

Now the message:


Hari Om!

The annual Ganesh Festival is fast upon us – here are our last two important pieces of information:

1. Saturday afternoon’s Vedic chanting on the Hudson will be at Pier 40, entrance at Houston St., on the West Side Highway. We will have chanting, kirtan and the first ever Hudson Arati from 4-6pm, and will be joined by special guest Deepak Chopra for a talk on Ganesh as a state of consciousness. Please join us if you can, and bring your friends! Full program schedule is here.2. Throughout the year, the daily and weekly services performed at the temple are free of charge, and are performed as service to the devotee, and to please the Lord. During festival times, however, we depend on your support to be able to hold our grand celebrations, serve the deities in a reverent fashion, and feed all of the devotees! Please give as generously as you are able to.Each of the below offerings are traditional in Hindu temples, and represent different ways of offering praise, surrender and devotion to the Lord. It is said that through devotional service a purifying effect is enacted upon one’s individual consciousness, which gives rise to a feeling of inner peace, gratitude and clarity to the devotee. As well, the collective prayer and individual sponsorship of the different types of worship contribute to the charging of the spiritual battery of the temple, increasing the presence of Divine energy in the sanctums.

All donors will receive special prasad, and your name – or the name of a loved one – will be included in our daily puja and your names listed on our thank you page.

Flower Sponsorship $7

Nama archana $11

Prasad sponsor $25

Ganapati Homa or Abhisheka $51

Sponsorship of one priest $301

Sponsor full week Ganesh Festival $501

Sponsor Ganesh Procession and help carry palanquin! $1001

All donations are fully tax-deductible as allowed to the extent of the law, and letters of acknowledgement will be sent upon receipt of your donations. We thank you for your support in helping us to continue our mission of providing a sacred sanctuary and traditional Hindu temple in the heart of Soho.

Thank you, and see you at the festival!

Eddie, Ankur and Kaustubha Das


Lucky AYNY folks.

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