Now is a good time to practice yoga

The time of year, the changing of the seasons, and the sun’s position in the heavens all point to the same thing:

It’s a good time to be doing yoga.

That’s the point of Tim Miller’s latest blog post — and, what, would you expect an Ashtanga teacher to say it’s a bad time to practice?

Here is the heavenly rationale:

The new moon this past Saturday coincided with the Sun’s entry into the sign of Virgo in the Sidereal Zodiac used by Jyotish Astrology. In Sanskrit Virgo is known as Kanya, “the maiden,” symbolizing the female power of “Shakti”in its manifestation as “Prakrti”, or Nature. Kanya is the embodiment of nature’s finer forces that need to be uncovered, developed, and put to use in the journey of Self Realization. Under the influence of Kanya, the physical body becomes particularly sensitive, especially to energy blockage that can result in some form of dis-ease.

Those students familiar with Tim’s own Ashtanga story may know where his post heads next — to his own introduction and his illness leading to it. It’s instructive, if you haven’t heard it (or even if you have).

The way Tim describes the practice during the coming months feels like a good dovetail for anyone (like me right now) practicing at home and maybe needing something to help maintain the focus. “There is no better time for Swadhyaya (self study) than this, when we have the opportunity to take a critical look at ourselves, admit whatever imperfections and defects of character we observe, make a sincere attempt to improve, and move forward,” Tim writes.

That could be, for you, whatever it needs to be. Time to work on a pose that gives you fits. Perhaps moments to step back and focus on some basics that can get lost as our mind scatters about (dristi, bandhas?) Given my own continuing exploration of what the Rolfing is meaning on and off the mat, I feel like it is pretty clear where I should be headed. Fortunately enough, I may have picked a good time for this particular path.

I suppose I’ll have a chance to see where things are at toward the end of this good period of self-study: Tim’s coming to Los Angeles in late October, and I’ll be there all weekend. The teacher appears at the right times, right?

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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