Friday asana aid: Finding your mula bandha

This week’s asana aid isn’t exactly a specific asana aid.

But it will aid all your asanas. And it’s inspired by the most recent video instruction from David Garrigues.

Ladies and gentlemen, your guide to mula bandha:

And now, Chris Croft (who I like because he uses the word “esoteric” so apologetically); links to the other parts of this video are on the page:

Via Ashtanga Yoga Paris:

For those counting at home, videos I haven’t posted include ones by Sadie Nardini; ones on mula bandha and orgasms and sexual confidence; and one on sexy yoga abs.

Feel free to add links to other good ones. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were hidden gems out there.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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