How yoga can help teenagers affected by domestic violence

The latest Urban Yogi video from the Chopra Well is up:


That’s far from all that Eddie Stern has been up to lately. He continues efforts to assist victims of Sandy. A little from Eddie’s latest update:

This coming Saturday we will hold a Thanksgiving lunch with Pastor Tillman and Michelle Cortez, whose work we have been supporting for the past week and a half. The food and cooking will be provided by Michael Chernow. The time and location has not yet been set – it will be in downtown Rockaway, and in the area of 12 noon, but we can expect a full day of work, leaving the city at 8 or 9 am from AYNY and returning after 3 pm.

Please email Courtney at if you would like to help out.

Thanks very much, and I look forward to seeing you there. I also would like to offer a small apology for being absent from the school these past ten days. The suffering that came with Sandy is in our own backyard, as it were, and instead of expressing horror at a lack of government response, I would rather drive over a car filled with flashlights and diapers and water, and bring people some food.

You can see more at the AYNY website.

We’re (obviously) “fans” of Eddie — I think his work these past couple of weeks have demonstrated just why we are. And as someone who is always sure exactly how our yoga practices are supposed to be taken “off the mat,” Eddie provides a remarkable model.

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