Eddie Stern as a ‘boldface name’ and is Third Series really the new Second?

We posted a quick link to this on our Facebook page yesterday (and on my own page Eddie responded to it just hilariously; the man really has got “it,” whatever that is), but since there seems to be a slightly different audience, let’s get this here, too.

Eddie and the big Bent on Learning gala got covered by the New York Times:

While 50 Cent did not attend, other meditating celebrities took top billing at Tuesday night’s gala for Bent on Learning, a nonprofit that brings yoga to public schools. Boldface names in this crowd included Eddie Stern, an Ashtanga yogi known for teaching Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Willem Dafoe, among others.

Not surprisingly, there was also a heavy fashion contingent, including the designers Donna Karan, Misha Nonoo and Bibhu Mohapatra, along with yoga-minded socialites like Lily Kwong, Zani Gugelmann and Charlotte Sarkozy.

Yes, there is a little snarky approach in the piece, but nothing that offsets Bent on Learning’s getting such a big mention.

The story appeared online on Wednesday and in print on Thursday (page E6 of the New York edition, if you are trying to find it).

Here’s a touch more:

Guests compared notes on their stage of enlightenment. “I’m on the second series,” said Julie Macklowe, a beauty entrepreneur, referring to one of the six levels of Ashtanga yoga. Stacey Bendet Eisner, the designer of Alice & Olivia, said she was on the almost-unheard-of fourth series, under the stewardship of Mr. Stern. “I’ve been doing yoga for so long, it’s just part of my life now,” Ms. Eisner said. “I’m not really thinking if it’s trendy or not.”

Eddie, by the way, was given an award for “inspirational activism.” If you followed his work following Hurricane Sandy, you’ll know why. (Eddie’s in the background of the picture that goes with the story at the link, by the way.)

Since that piece brought up Fourth Series, let’s segue to David Garrigues’ talking about Third — and whether it is the new Second. Both are beyond my ken, so I leave it up to others to decide. The link is here. He sums the videos up this way: “[T]hese talks happened because all sorts of questions have come up for her about the challenges and practicalities of maintaining and continuing to develop such a demanding practice.”

Update: More coverage of the event.

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