Traveling to the Amazon rainforest

Well before our yatra to India, we had met our leader, co-publisher of Namarupa Robert Moses, virtually — you know how those things go. You’ve got friends on Facebook, right, that you’ve really never met. It’s 2013. Well, in this case, it all was happening in 2012.

And then we got to know him, for real (if you will), on our trip. We learned more about his years in India, and we learned about his family. A big piece to that part of the story, the most present and immediate for him, was that his son, Satya, had just returned from a trip deep into the Amazon rainforest. A month-long trip, all totaled. With another Namarupa name, advisor Dr. Robert E. Svoboda. (We all had lunch with Robert in Mumbai.)

Keep in mind, Satya is a high school senior, I think. For me, at least, that’s a key part of this.

Satya has a first cut of a video — the apple in this respect has not fallen far from the tree, as I’m sure we’ll see once Robert’s video editing work from our yatra is done — up at Vimeo. Here’s a bit of his description:

We went on a month long trip and spent over a week in the rainforest participating in the spring festival of the Yawanawa people which is open to outsiders. During our stay we experienced song, dances, brutal “games,” shamanic rituals, and the strange boundary where ancient tradition meets modern innovation.

Eddie Stern has posted it, so hat tip to Eddie. Enjoy, and all I can say is that I went to Europe for about a month at the end of high school. Not so exotic anymore.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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