A reminder of the evils of wheat, because I’m stupid

We’ve written plenty about what’s wrong with modern wheat. What it boils down to is: After World War II, wheat was hybridized in order to increase the amount that could be harvested — and the speed at which it could be harvested.

The problem is, that changed some of the protein structures so the wheat most of us get today — whole wheat, multi-grain, you name it — isn’t the same as the wheat people were eating 100 years ago. It comes down to our glucose response.

An even easier way to think of it is: Wheat just isn’t good for you anymore. (We aren’t talking at all about gluten and all that. And we do mean all kinds of wheat, even the ones that claim to be “heart healthy.”)

Given how much we’ve written about this, you’d think I’d know this. I suppose I do, but…

Perhaps it is because, three weeks after getting back from India, I still weigh eight or 10 pounds less than I did before our trip. I feel like I may need to put a few pounds back on and have been a bit looser on my diet. Or so I figured, except after gaining a few pounds initially, I dropped them back off.

Too much salad.

And so, during the past three days, I’ve had:

1. Pizza on Saturday.

2. A bagel on Monday. (To be fair, I was hoping for a muffin or something but they didn’t have it. And, yes, I was using a “free pastry and coffee” giveaway from a place near work.)

In both cases, about four hours later, I got that empty shaky feeling that I know associate not with low blood sugar (although I suppose that’s what it is) but with a wheat crash.

The crazy amounts of sugar in wheat — a Mars bar spikes your glycemic level less than two slices of bread — are causing me to crash a few hours later.

It happened Saturday. Did that stop me from doing the same on Monday? No. And the same thing happened.

Wheat’s evil, is the lesson — one day perhaps I won’t be so stupid and will remember that. And as we’ve written before, just try cutting it out for five days or so and see how you feel. Including whether you stop having any crashes.

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