A friend remembered–Tim Miller on Rich McGowan

Steve asked me to post a link to the most recent Tuesdays with Timji, because in it, Tim remembers his friend Rich McGowan. Those of you who have been to Encinitas to study with Tim, most certainly knew Rich, and were aware of his long fight against a devastating disease. Tim’s post is a beautiful description of an excellent man.

Rich, through Michelle Haymoz's lens.
Rich, through Michelle Haymoz’s lens.

I can’t believe it was over ten years ago that I met Rich, when made my first trip to Tim’s with my teacher Shayna. I’d never been to a Mysore-style class before, and had never met Tim. Rich kept an eye on me, and when I got to Marichyasana D–which I’d never bound in before–Rich actually called Tim over, and watched as Tim pulled me together. He stood quietly, watched carefully. It made me feel oddly useful while I was getting maneuvered around by one of the world’s leading Ashtanga teachers–at least someone else was learning, too.

When I first began to teach Ashtanga, Rich was my role model for a good assistant teacher. I believed it was my job to work back up. I still see Rich as an example of all that’s amazing about the Ashtanga Vinyasa school of yoga–an apprentice system of learning good teaching habits. Tim paints a wonderful picture of Rich and all that he taught us. I’ll miss his steady presence in the shala.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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