David Swenson remembers the first Ashtanga Yoga Confluence

David Swenson has a weekend workshop followed by a teacher training coming up in North Carolina, but he does have his eyes on San Diego and the end-of-the-month Ashtanga Yoga Confluence.

He’s posted a few thoughts about the first one, last year. Link here and a taste:

Many participants commented that they enjoyed the panel discussions the most of all. I personally felt so honored to be there listening to the other teachers, my friends, expounding upon the depth of their understandings of the practice, philosophy and life-tools gained from their decades of practice. It was a testament to the power of the system and also to the underlying thread of breath that connects us all. There were certainly differences of opinions on some topics but there was also a deep and resounding respect for each other. It was an important moment to acknowledge differences, accept changes and revel in the common love, respect and inspiration we each feel for each other and Ashtanga Yoga as a lifelong journey and valuable tool that we are all blessed to have been touched by.

That’s a pretty good summary of the panels, and there’s no doubt you can count Bobbie and me among those who enjoyed these the most. (Our coverage of the panels and other parts of last year’s confluence is here.) Perhaps the difference between a Mysore practice with one’s regular teacher and a handful of the most experienced ones isn’t quite as noticeable as the difference between sitting around with your usual yoga posse talking about things and hearing those same experienced teachers talking about stuff.

The audience was pretty much focused like a laser beam that whole time. (A new kind of dristi?) And that’s important, I think, to note is that these discussions weren’t all heavy talk of yamas and niyamas. They were fun. They were hilarious. They brought forth a sense of the love of Ashtanga and of teaching that Guruji passed on to that first wave of Western students/teachers.

It was pretty awesome, in other words. And it promises to be just as awesome again.

By the way, I’m pretty sure there’s still space left.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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