How to get more out of the 1% of your Ashtanga practice

On our recent yatra — and Bobbie has a fun post in the works about it — one of the highlights was the santsang with both Robert Moses and the Swamijis who accompanied us for roughly half the trip.

I know it flies — sort of — in the face of the 99%/1% scenario, but talking through ideas and issues remains an important part of the wider definition of “practice” for us.

In other words: More of this, more of this, more of this. Bring it on. It’s why the discussions at the Confluence last year were our favorite part of the weekend.

So in the spirit of promoting the 1%, here are two examples. You may have seen them if they are at your home shala; but if not, perhaps they can act as inspiration to coax your teacher into doing a talk sooner than later.

First up, Eddie Stern has a ton of these things going on. The one I’m focused on is his Bhagavad Gita weekends with Kaustubha Das. Here’s more from AYNY:

March 16&17 Karma Yoga (ch 1-6); June 15&16 Bhakti Yoga (ch 7-12); September 28&29 Jnana Yoga (ch 13-18)

$120 per weekend, $300 for all three. Please register by emailing Kaustubha Das:

This three-weekend course aims at gaining an understanding of some of the fundamental concepts of yoga through the Bhagavad Gita. Kaustubha Das and I will examine the relation between the mind, intelligence, ego and self through reading some of the important verses from the Gita. The weekends will include study, chanting, japa and kirtan.

Eddie also has planned a Wednesday night series of talks, once a month, going on through June. And, last but not least, on April 9th, AYNY is hosting Sharath for a conference. All the details are at AYNY.

On our side of the U.S., Diana Christinson has an advanced sadhana discussion planned for mid-March. Here’s just the middle day:

Saturday, March 16

11am – 4:30pm

Dancing With The Practice

Are you serving the asana or is the asana serving you?

Teaching & discussion on the beauty of the long-term practice / Abhyasa

Adjustment teachings & demonstrations

Discussion & demonstrations on body and personality archetypes

Working with injuries and limitations

Teaching & discussion on the Bhagavad Gita


These are just two examples that came across my radar; I’m sure there are more out there happening, maybe one near you. We’ve found they are great inspiration, great for reinvigorating practice (if you need that) and great for opening up new paths or avenues of investigation.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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