And … time for the opening puja

We’re here, after a not difficult drive down to San Diego. (Those who live in Southern California know that isn’t exactly a usual phenomena.)

We’re set up. Here’s our view:

photo copy

So that’s not too bad.

We’ve already run into Tim Miller, who whether he meant to or not immediately set me at somewhat greater ease. (Long tale. Needed it.) Then we ran into Nancy Gilgoff. And other friends already. Not to mention the ducks and parrots who live here. (A duck just flew by.)

From my seat seven floors above the resort, I can see Ganesh in his place of honor. We’ll be down there in about 30 minutes, for the beginning of the Confluence: the Eddie Stern-led opening puja.

Tomorrow morning’s a bit of a surprise. We thought we’d scheduled ourselves for the later Mysore class all weekend. Nope. Tomorrow it is 7 a.m. Led with Dena Kingsberg. After that, the part of the weekend I expect will be of most interest to a lot of the far-flung Ashtanga community: Nancy’s “as I was taught” class. We’ll take the best notes possible.

But now? I need to reacquaint myself with getting a doti to fit snugly, as Bobbie does the same with her sari.

More to come.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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