All hands on deck: A mighty Mysore

Our computer is packed away, so forgive the IPhone-generated post.

It is just to say: If you thought that by Sunday morning, after four other asana workshops, that the teachers at the Confluence would be tired, you were wrong.

Perhaps most emblematic of all: After his Led class, David Swenson came and taught in the second Mysore class.

These are dedicated teachers. It is perhaps the greatest honor and lineage they, and others, give and have from Guruji.

And the adjustments were great. Steve did things he hasn’t before, even involving backbends. Bobbie got a two-fingered gomakosana adjustment that changed it for her.

Here’s today’s even longer list of teachers who adjusted / assisted us:

• Tim Miller
• Eddie Stern
• Leigha Nicole
• Nancy Gilgoff
• Noah Williams
• David Swenson
• Dominic Corigliano

Not a bad Mysore morning.

Posted by Bobbie and Steve

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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