Ashtanga Yoga Confluence highs, and one low, from Tim Miller

We’ve given you plenty of student perspective on the Confluence, ours and other’s alike.

Now, how about from the other side of all those adjustments?

Through my long and treasured association with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, I had the great pleasure to meet and form friendships with all of my fellow presenters at the confluence. I have known them all for more than twenty years, long enough that they feel like family. It was such fun for me to be able to work and hang out with my dear friends for a few days. I don’t get a chance to see them very often and almost never get a chance to work with them, so it is a rare treat for me. My sense is that the other teachers felt the same way. Hopefully, we were able to convey that to the students.

That’s Tim Miller, of course. He goes on to give the close-up version of what he messed up during the Ganesha puja, divulges whether he opened his eyes during singing the Hanuman Chalisa and lets everyone know which year’s panels he thought were funnier.

And he finishes with one little disappointment:

My only disappointment with the Saturday evening kirtan was that more people didn’t turn up to hear the beautiful music and singing performed by my friends Naren and Janzel. It was just what I needed after an exhausting day to recharge my battery. Those that did come recognized that the key to good kirtan is audience participation.

I agree. Everyone who missed Sangita Yoga missed a key moment, one that — as Tim says — brought some needed juiciness to counter all the tapas from the rest of the weekend — mental and physical tapas. I should have included the music as another reason my Sunday practice was so open and powerful.

Oh, and you have to click on the link to Tim’s post to find out what “unexpected gift” he got, too, over the weekend.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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