That protein bar seems healthy, but …

During the Confluence last week, Bobbie and I splurged for a room not only with a view, which was nice, but something more important: a kitchen.

Via the Sacramento Bee

This allowed us to bring down our Vita-Mix and stock up the fridge with all manner of the crazy stuff we pack into what we call, inappropriately, smoothies. We did add one unusual item to the mix: a vegetable/bean-based protein powder, so we’d have something substantial to get us through the day.

On one hand, that vanilla-flavored protein base made for a tasty drink, especially if some cacao or maca got added in, too. But on the other hand: ewww.

So much sweet (I think stevia). And so much processed. But it was a far better alternative than getting a smoothie or acai bowl or similar from a restaurant or store. Those are jam packed with unnecessary, for us, stuff. Having a couple of protein-rich smoothies was a thankfully not too painful reminder that cutting our wheat and cutting out processed foods really made sense — for us, at least.

It also was a reminder of just how much processed stuff is out there, even in the “healthy food” world: bars, powders, this, that. It’ll imply it’s good for you, be organic, maybe even be a certain percentage raw, but at this point, if it’s processed as almost everything is — it makes us pause.

Based on absolutely zero scientific evidence, I think it is the default elimination of processed foods — because we eat mostly raw and have cut wheat and bread from the mix for more than a year — that is the “silver bullet” to our diet.

On a perhaps related front, Richard Freeman’s Yoga Workshop has a new Ask the Experts up. It’s by Mary, and it’s on diet and how that may affect your early morning Ashtanga practice:

Diet can definitely impact stiffness. There are no hard and fast rules relating particular foods to stiffness for everyone, so when you notice you’re stiff, it’s a good practice to review what you’ve eaten in the previous 24-48 hours. You might see patterns emerging…. It really depends on you though, so the best way to figure it out is slowly and observantly.

For us, we’ve figured out our best way. It isn’t the most fun one, but it works.

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