Why you should go to India

When Steve and I returned from India, we were hard pressed to describe the trip. We were inevitably asked, “Did you spend the whole time in Mysore?”, which was a poor set up for us, because we didn’t go to Mysore at all. We would end up in long, intense conversations where we excitedly described the concept of darshan, or the inner sanctum of a Siva temple.

Our yatra leader, Robert Moses, has solved the problem for us by creating this amazing video description of our trip. Robert, you may know, is co-editor (with Eddie Stern) of the excellent journal, Namarupa, as well as a photographer, and former swami. His video has little descriptions of all the aspects of a yatra, and interviews with each of us about what the yatra meant to us. It’s also a pretty convincing argument for you to go on one. You’ll see in the video that we practiced. But practice was so integrated into the journey, so deep in a spiritual context, the way we view it was totally altered. This explains why. (Email subscribers will need to go to the Vimeo page here.)

Thanks to Robert for allowing us to post.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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